"Power Source Green" a meeting place

Concept description:

The "Power Source Green" a natural and sheltered show garden. A belt of trees and shrubs surrounds this green space. The visitor passes through entrance arches into an open glade. Here they will find, among other things, a crocus-covered meadow inviting to sit on pivoting seatings and look at different viewpoints. The visitors will find Information and something to drink at the bar counter under the gazebo.

The spatial differentiation of the Garden enables encounters, communication and different perspectives. Light, fog and nature sounds further intensify the experience. In this own world, which acts as a calming point and source of strength, you find distance to hectic everyday life and time to contemplate and reflect.

The inclined entrance arches symbolize a nature which hast fallen into a slight imbalance and the used elastic ropes are emblematic of the flexibility of our nature. Our nature is very adaptable, but must not be overstrained. As Garden Designer, it is one of our most important tasks to create a harmonious balance between this nature and an appealing design.

Biodiversity, Neophyte renunciation, as well as sustainability are important principles that will help us to leave our descendants a balanced "Power Source Green".