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"Power Source Green"  a meeting place

Concept description:

The "Power Source Green" a natural and sheltered show garden. A belt of trees and shrubs surrounds this green space. The visitor passes through entrance arches into an open glade. Here they will find, among other things, a crocus-covered meadow with pivoting seating, inviting them to sit and observe from different viewpoints. Under the gazebo, a bar providing information and something to drink.

The spatial differentiation of the Garden enables encounters, communication and different perspectives. Light, fog and nature sounds further intensify the experience. In a world of your own, a calming point and source of strength. Your mind distancing itself from hectic everyday life and finding time to contemplate and reflect.

The inclined arches symbolise nature which has fallen into a slight imbalance. The use of elastic ropes are emblematic of the flexibility of our nature. Our nature is very adaptable, but must not be overstrained. As a garden designer, it is one of our most important tasks to create a harmonious balance between this nature and an appealing design.

Biodiversity, Neophyte renunciation, as well as sustainability are important principles that will help us to leave our descendants a balanced "Power Source Green".